How does your garden grow?

It is such a beautiful morning in Glendale, Arizona that I thought I would take a walk around my garden and take some photos:

Soon we will be seeing another crop of baby birds emerge from the safety of the Organ Pipe

Organ pipe cactus

I have this by my front door, so I can enjoy the wonderful fragrance on warm days when the door is open:

Jasmine sprouting new growth, getting ready for those fragrant blooms

Perfect trellis plant that shades our patio:

Cape honeysuckle....the bees love these too

Well this needs some attention, or just relieve its misery by pulling out:

My sad neglected basil plant


Dwarf Reed White Grapefruit, ready for picking

Lemonade anyone?

Dwarf Lisbon lemon

Yellow lantana survived the cold temps

Hurry up and ripen, I want a salad:

Yum tomatoes

My roses bloom so nice this time of year, I just hate to cut them back, but I know the first bloom in a few months will be well worth the cutting.

My King's Ransom fragrant rose

Tuscan Blue Rosemary....visited by a bee this morning

Oh the lovely fragrance from my Purple Leaf Japanese Honeysuckle

One of the few remaining leaves on the California Pepper Tree

I love potting petunia and lobelia in the winter:

Fragrant red and white petunia


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