Flannel receiving or swaddling blanket

My latest project is a receiving/swaddling blanket made from soft flannel fabric vs. the interlock knit fabric I currently have in my shop for sale.

It’s the same size, 35″ x 28″.

This also matches the bib and burp cloth set I have for sale as well.  This would make a great baby shower gift!

I decided for this blanket, to add a “boyish” touch and use blue bias tape edging instead of the white I originally planned.  The white was just to blah!  I will also offer a pink binding edge for your baby girls.  This fabric print is good for both.

I begin by cutting my fabrics to the size I want(should have ironed this before the photos):

Give them a good pressing and layer them so edges are even all around.

I curve the corners for a less stark feel to the blanket as well as using the bias tape binding to bend easily around the curved edges.

I also gave the bias tape a pressing to iron out the kinks and folds from the packaging:

Then its time to pin the bias tape the the blanket, having the narrower edge of the tape facing up.

All pinned and ready to sew:

I am using a stretch zig zag stitch:

And my finished product:

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