My ABC's

I was visiting Lei’s blog andsewitgoes and I decided to play too:
A – Age:  54
B – Bed size:  Queen
C – Chore you hate:  Washing the wood floors
D – Dog’s name:   Clare
E – Essential start of the day item:  Coffee (or iced tea in summer)
F – Favorite color:  green
G – Gold or Silver:  gold(white)
H – Height:  5′ 4″
I – Instruments you play:  0
J – Job:  owner of
K – Kids:  Three, 2 married and 1 in college
L – Living arrangements:  With my husband
M – Music you love:  Anything from Mozart to Dave Koz to Chicago
N – Nicknames:  Babe, by my hubby
O – Overnight stay at hospital:  The last one?  Appendicitis 😦
P – Pet Peeve:  People not knowing how to merge on the highway
Q – Quote from a movie: He’s going to the ice cream store – From Dennis the Menace
R – Right handed or left:  Right
S – Siblings:  2 older brothers
T – Time you wake up:  6-6:30
U – Underwear:  yes
V – Vegetable you dislike:  peas
W – Workout Style:  Walk, walk, walk
X – X-rays you’ve had:  Dental and wrist, broke that when my daughter was 8 months old.
Y – Yummy food you make:  Lasagna, cinnamon rolls, choc chip cheesecake, or and my sons say my spaghetti sauce 🙂
Z – The best place to visit:  Hawaii

Know you know my ABC’s, tell me what you think of me!   Comment so I can learn about you too.

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One Response to My ABC's

  1. Stephanie D. says:

    So that’s why you were asking about our favorite foods you make! I told Ryan to ask you, but he wouldn’t.

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