Counted cross stitch headache

So, back in January of 2009, I bought a counted cross stitch kit that really struck my eye.  I wanted a project to work on and I knew it would be big, but I never thought it would be that big, since it took me over 20 months to complete!

The design is a winter scene and measures 14″ x 10″.  Not an overwhelming size for my experienced hand, but the hard part was that it was on navy blue Aida cloth.  It was so hard to see the weave and the light had to be perfect in order to get a good rhythm going for stitching.  Otherwise I would be holding it up to the light at different angles, take one stitch, and hold it up again, etc, not fun.

So here is my completed project:

And now that it’s done, I am looking for a new project and I like this one, but even though it says Autumn scene, it has snow:

Barn in Sugar Grove

So, moving on….

Cabin Fever It’s Ivory Aida, but I don’t want any printed colors on the fabric, and I can’t tell if that is so or not.

Glory of Autumn

or maybe this:
Autumn Breeze

I will continue looking and post my new project when I finally decide on one.

Goodbye for now and happy stitching!

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