Cranberry crepe garter set

I am trying something new with this garter set.  I have some really pretty, soft cranberry colored crepe fabric.

Instead of using gathered lace, I want to try fabric and sew the ribbon to it which is used as the pocket for the elastic.  This is for the brides keepsake garter.  For the toss garter, I will just use a narrower piece and use that as the pocket for the elastic.

I found in my old notes from when I took lessons with my Baby Lock serger, how to sew and turn a narrow strap, like the toss garter.  It worked great!  You actually sew a string with your serger a little longer than the piece, but don’t cut it off.  Mine was 31″, so I made it 36″ or so.  You tuck that in between your strap, being careful to keep it away from where you are stitching.  When you are done sewing, you start to pull the string through the strap.  It’s hard at first to get it going to fold in on itself, but once it is started, it really went fast.  I didn’t think to take pictures through this process! I am a new blogger and still learning 🙂

Here I am sewing on the ivory satin ribbon:

And here are my completed garters:

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