Projects of the past, part I…

My daughter suggested I take a look back at my sewing and crafting projects from the past and share some with you, so here is the start of that series.

Please note, I said in the PAST, so that means photo’s are from the past too!  Old fashioned non-digital camera shots, so they will be grainy and I apologize for that.

This dates back to the year 1982 when I was helping my dear friend make her wedding dress!

It looks like we are working on the lace of the bodice in the previous photo.  I have a look on my face like what did I get myself into!  No, it was really fun.  I wish I could remember how many hours we spent though.

Here is the dress in the separate pieces with my friend modeling!  We had a lining fabric, topped with the satin which Kathy is holding up and then topped with a chiffon fabric.  The bodice was lined as well. The collar, sleeves and peplum were just the lace.

Next is the final fitting and pinning for hem!

And here she is on her wedding day, where you can get a good look at the back as she is getting ready to throw her bouquet, which by the way I caught!

Stay tuned for more projects of the past. In the meantime, happy stitching!

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