Projects of the past, part II

I have gathered some old photo’s and scanned them in, as this was before the digital age!

This collection is costumes.  Some are Halloween costumes, some are costumes for school projects, which then turned into Halloween costumes and playtime costumes as well.

This is my son when he was 2.  I made the hat, scarf, vest and the horse!

This is a few years later, when my youngest was 1.  He got to wear the saved cowboy costume.  My daughter wanted to be an angel, so that was an easy white fabric jumper with store bought wings!  My oldest was a fireman, so we used his raincoat and boots he had in addition to the fire hose made from dryer piping painted black!

Here,my youngest is wearing a store-bought costume that his older cousins had worn many years before.  The costume was well made and held up well.  October isn’t the greatest months for wearing skimpy costumes, thus the turtleneck my daughter is sporting!  My son, Peter Pan, made his own “knife” to go with the ensemble.

This is my daughter, in 3rd grade learning about Pocahontas.  This ended up being a great dress-up dress for neighborhood plays and games!  This is saved in the cedar chest.

Here is the town crier from the Wizard of Oz, in a school play.  This was a very fun costume to make.  I love the colors.  Still have this saved in the cedar chest too!

My daughter wanted to be a Genie and this time sported the bare midriff!

And the final costume is of my daughter, age 12 with a poodle skirt.  I actually just took a digital of the close up, as I have this costume in my cedar chest as well.  Ah, all these nice treasures I have!

Happy stitching!

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