Matching pajama's

One year for Christmas Eve, when my 3 now grown children were little, (and by that I mean ages 3, 4 and 6), I sewed some matching PJ’s for them.  That was their one gift they could open on Christmas Eve.  My daughter has a night shirt in coordinating fabric with my sons matching PJ’s.

This photo only shows two of my children, as the third, and oldest, was not happy that all he got to open on Christmas Eve was some “stupid” pajamas and refused to pose for a picture.  But aren’t the two in the pic just adorable???  🙂

As I look at the photo now, my sons pj’s are HUGE on him, but he did get to wear them for years!  They were a very soft flannel and I added the interlock knit cuffs.  You can’t tell from this photo, but they are on the pant legs as well!

I am still using some of that cute ducky fabric today:

as my Daisy Bird’s night cover 🙂  The saying on the fabric says “All duckered out”.  Quite appropriate for a bird to use isn’t it?


Happy stitching.

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2 Responses to Matching pajama's

  1. Oh my! Aren’t they adorable? We usually get the kids pajamas and a game for their Christmas Eve gifts. so far no one has complained 🙂 LOL, thanks for sharing!

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