A lovely Mothers Day 2011

My eldest son Ryan and daughter-in-law Lindsay made me a wonderful dinner for Mothers Day.

Yummy pepper steak and noodles!  (recipe to follow in future post, if Lindsay will share)

Also got a surprise gift:

I used to grow some pretty darn good orchids when we lived in Oregon.  Now living in the desert, I really didn’t think they would do well, but I see them being sold everywhere.  What convinced me was Lindsays orchid.  She received one last year as a gift and this year it bloomed and bloomed and bloomed!  Hopefully I can do as well!

Now to mention my other 2 children….I did receive a nice phone call from my youngest, Patrick and received both a card and phone call from my daughter, Steph!

Thank you all!


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2 Responses to A lovely Mothers Day 2011

  1. Barbara says:

    Your Mothers Day meal looks delicious. Like the Orchid too. I manage to keep mine about 5 years. When they have finished flowering I cut the stem back and next season they will shoot again from the base at which time I start to feed them once a week.

    The garters are very pretty.

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