Vintage Rhinestone pins

I went on a mission to an antique store and found some lovely pieces for my ring pillows that I make.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for jewelry, just browsing, but this particular store and a lot of very pretty jewelry at pretty reasonable prices.

This is a relatively new piece, as you can tell the metal has not aged as much as the others, but very pretty with the addition of pearls.  I think for this pillow, I will also sew on some additional pearls to enhance the pearls in the pin.

This pink one is my favorite of the three.  If your wedding colors have any pink, this would be a great addition.  Not sure what color pillow I will sew this on.  Many colors would look great with it, but maybe a simple white or ivory would look stunning as well.

And finally, the bar rhinestone pin.  I have envisioned attaching it to a silver organza topped linen pillow with a simple silver satin ribbon.  You will just have to wait and see an upcoming post!

Happy stitching!


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