Adult mealtime coverups

Just finished an order for 5 coverups for a gal who is a nurse and works for a residential care facility for elderly folks.

Here is one:

These are pretty large coverups, more like aprons and I make them in pretty, cheerful, colorful patterns.  The backing is a waterproof PUL fabric.  I love coordinating the prints with the bias binding as well to give it a nice polished look!

You just have to be careful when laundering, so as not to ruin the PUL.  No bleach and dry only on low setting.

I can sew some up for you in these sample fabrics, or any other you may suggest.  Check them out HERE

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2 Responses to Adult mealtime coverups

  1. Barbara says:

    I guess this is a good idea for very old people, not quite as big as a pinafore.

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