The making of a veil

My daughter, when she got married a couple years ago, did not want to wear my wedding dress that I wore when I married back in 1984, even though I offered to modernize it.  Well okay, fine, we moved on.

I wanted to sew SOMETHING for her, I just had to!  After all that’s what I do!  I made the garters as I mentioned in a previous post Here, but felt that was not quite enough.

We decided I would make her veil and here are some pictures of its progression:

I used a very soft tight weave white tulle.   The length was decided, cutting is done and the edges are scalloped:

Now to decide on a bead/pearl/rhinestone pattern placement.  This is the pattern I chose, after several attempts.  I wanted it rather simple, so as not to take away from the beautiful dress she chose.  Plus with so many scallops, there was plenty of fullness and I think, just the right amount of sparkle.  So, at each scallop point, I sewed on 3 white pearls along with 3 clear bugle seed beads.  In the middle of each scallop, I sewed on 1 white pearl and 2 clear bugle seed beads:

In addition to the pearls and bugle seed beads, I glued on rhinestones in 2 different sizes along with more bugle beads to accent the smaller rhinestones:

As this was done 2-1/2 years ago, I have no details unfortunately how many scallops are in the veil, or how long the veil actually is.  My best guess for the scallops is maybe 32.

Here, I have 4 scallops complete:

Here is a close up shot of the completed sewing/gluing part:

Here is one of the beautiful bride before the ceremony during a photo session:

And this is the actual ceremony 🙂

These last 2 photo’s were taken by their professional photographer

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3 Responses to The making of a veil

  1. balisha says:

    My Mother made my veil too. What a lovely thing to keep from the wedding day. I love the way you did it. Beautiful bride, by the way.

  2. ooobop! says:

    This is so beautiful. May I ask how you attached the veil… did you sew to a comb?

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