Happy Holidays

No tree this year….this is last years photo on Christmas Morning.

Our festive decorations are focused on our mantle this year, in our new home:

Many years ago, I did all five of our stockings in counted cross stitch.  When two of my children married, I made their spouses stockings as well.  My little wood Rudolph and snowman basket at the base of the fireplace were made by my beloved dad many years ago and I display them every year.  Rudoph’s legs and antlers come off and sometimes too easily, but we just prop him back up and he is as good as new.

This is a shot of the decor in our little town:

I actually took out my “Cabin Fever” counted cross stitch project this past week, so in the new year I will post an update.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!



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One Response to Happy Holidays

  1. Barbara says:

    Those cross stitch stockings are great.

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