Update #14 for cabin fever counted cross stitch

I cannot believe my last counted cross stitch update was in October, 12 weeks ago.  I thought things would settle down once we were in our apartment so I can actually get some serious work done on this project, but life has a way of throwing things in and changing your plans!

Our original plan was to build a house in WA and we would live in AZ in our apartment until completion.  Well that whole house thing fell through and I decided to look and see if there are any foreclosures available.  We did find one and moved in November, a lot sooner than planned.  With the move and holidays thrown in, there was not a lot of time for sitting and stitching, but I was able to accomplish some.  Take a look:

compared to:

I am getting closer and closer to that half way point.  It was nice to be able to fill in that lower corner and begin to see the reflection.

My next focus will be to start on the upper portion to complete this half of the stitching.  I just love all the color and blending in this design.

Until then…..Happy Stitching!

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