Handmade cards

I received this handmade card for my birthday last month and I thought it was so creative and pretty:

Then I got to thinking, I can do that being the crafty person I am and it would also be fun!

So I headed to the store, bought a bunch of supplies like card stock, tape, a couple stamps, ink, stickers, rhinestones and little silk-like flowers.  I already have a good supply of ribbon and lace, etc from my sewing business that I can use to create one-of- a-kind cards.

I came home and was already going through the year, thinking who can I make a card for first.  In January, I only have one birthday card to send, to my childhood friend and here is what I created for her:

Here are all of the cards I have made so far and it’s fun thinking of the person, then creating a card for them:

I think I have found my newest hobby.

Happy stitching(sometimes its used in card making too)

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2 Responses to Handmade cards

  1. Barbara says:

    Lots of work have gone into your cards. Very pretty.

  2. Stephanie D. says:

    Those are all really pretty! I’m looking forward to mine 🙂

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