Fingertip towel

My fingertip towel holder is missing something.  It has been bare since Christmas. 

I do not have any fingertip towels except holiday ones, so I am changing that right now!  I went on a shopping trip to the fabric store.  Love this place in Portland, Fabric Depot

I picked up these fabrics to make into 8″ x 20″ towels.  A perfect size to fit the bars of my towel holder:

And here is the first one completed.  It is a 100% cotton fabric.  I added a petite pink ribbon to follow the edging that was the salvage edge:

Nice addition to my guest bathroom!

Happy stitching.

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5 Responses to Fingertip towel

  1. ooobop! says:

    Great choice of fabrics. Very pretty indeed. 🙂

  2. Balisha says:

    Your fabric choices are so pretty. I only have holiday ones too…maybe I’ll get the sewing machine out. Balisha

  3. These are beautiful.

    Thank you for subscribing to Minerva’s Garden. I’m McElrath Cabaret as well online!

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