Counted Cross Stitch stocking update and more

Well it sure has been awhile since I had typed anything on this blog!

I now have something to write about.  Well I guess I have all along, just didn’t feel it was news worthy enough.  Once I arrived home from caring for my newborn grandbaby and my daughter, I headed right out into the garden. I had to tackle this first:
It seems this area has been neglected for a very long time and I am the lucky one to clean it up.
This is the garden on May 16, with the aggregate border to match the patios and my various veggies and perennials planted.  I have tomato, lettuce, zucchini, corn and pepper plants.  For seeds I have green beans and nasturtiums.  I threw in a few marigolds around my tomato plants for good measure.

And here is my overflowing garden today, June 28:
We have enjoyed some yummy lettuce and yesterday I picked my first zucchini.
It’s not very nice of mother nature though to give you lettuce to eat without having those absolutely yummy tomatoes to accompany it.  I cannot wait to see how much corn I get, as I have never grown it before.

And finally, here is the latest update on my stocking project

It really has come a long way since my last post. It is so gratifying to see the progress! Pretty soon I will be done with this project and be able to get back to my tossed-aside cabin fever counted cross stitch!

Happy stitching and gardening!

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