Counted cross stitch stocking update

I have been stitching away at this project and I can finally say that I am done with the cross stitching part of the stocking!   Yay!    Here it is:

I even was able to personalize it with my sweet grand-baby’s name:

Next, I am onto the highlighting parts with straight stitching and french knots, along with some sequins on the “ornaments”.  You’ll see the results soon.

Now onto my garden….wow, it’s fantastic looking!  I have been picking my green beans almost every day for 2 weeks now.  Yum, yum.  If we don’t get to eating them fast enough, I blanch and freeze them in Ziploc’s vacuum bags.  They work great.

My corn finally has silk!  I saw the winds blowing the tassel pollen everywhere, so lets hope some lands on the silk:

The corn stalks are over 6′ tall(this was taken before the tassles blossomed):Oh, and right in front of me is my 4′ tall zucchini, which is also yummy!  I have been blanching and freezing this as well, when we were not eating or my baking zucchini bread that is!

Tomatoes are slow to ripen in the Northwest, but I am patient!  I plucked my first cherry tomato off the vine the other day and plopped it right in my mouth!

Happy stitching(and gardening)!

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