Baby tag blanket

I just got home from a very nice, but a too short visit with my 5 month old grandson:

While there, I had discovered that he loves his tag blanket.

I came home with an inspiration to make one for someone having a baby next month and here is the start:

I have mostly solid color satin ribbons in pink, white, grey, 2 shades of purple as well as 1 print ribbon.  The others are grosgrain in a variety of prints.

I have not decided on the other layer.   Should I make it the same very soft minky fabric, or change it up to another flannel type fabric?   Hmmmmm, lets just see what I have in my fabric boxes 🙂

For now, happy stitching!

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One Response to Baby tag blanket

  1. Barbara says:

    All babies seem to love their taggy blankets but when my grandchildren were tiny I never thought of making one. So easy of course. Lovely idea.

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