Update #18 cabin fever counted cross stitch

Here is what 4 weeks time does for my project:

compared to the previous post:

Little by little!

Happy stitching.

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5 Responses to Update #18 cabin fever counted cross stitch

  1. Balisha says:

    I’ve watched this project take shape…it’s wonderful. Do you have in on a large frame? Thanks for your visit today.

  2. elaine says:

    Jan I have this project to do and ruined the fabric already by trying to use 5 strands on 18 count. Were you able to use the number of strands indicated? I am going to use 16 count now but am thinking of dropping the strands to maximum 3. Also I was using q snaps but do have a scroll frame. Do you leave the entire area exposed? I think I may have tackled more than I am capable of doing.

    • Hi Elaine,
      Its funny I received an email with similar questions from another gal!

      I have not had any problems using 5 strands with the 18 count. How is it ruining your fabric? I like using more than 2 strands actually, since you are only doing half cross stitches 🙂 This is actually the second project I have cross-stitched with 18 count using 2 strand cross stitches and 3+ half cross stitches. It gives it some great dimension.

      I fear using the 16 count will really enlarge the project and won’t get the same feel of the scene.

      I have never heard of q snaps, so I had to “google” them. Interesting product. I have had my scroll frame for many, many years and didn’t think to use anything else. I think it works great, for me. The rollers have slots in them to slip in the taped edged of the fabric. The current working area I have on the frame is about 9″ high x 20″ wide, so no, I have lots of the fabric rolled on the frame and have to adjust, but again, I don’t see a problem with that.

      This is a HUGE project but I love the way it is turning out. I do get discouraged after I have sat and stitched for an hour or two and see how little I have actually accomplished. I just look at the whole piece and it keeps things in perspective as to how pretty this is actually going to be when finished!

      Let me know if you have any other questions.
      Thanks for writing.

  3. elaine says:

    Jan we have a Stitch along going on with this project with my ladies auxillary at a craft place and we are struggling to say the least. The shop owner has a section in the back where we sit and stitch every Thursday afternoon away. We bought the materials from her at a discounted price. I had never seen Q Snaps before either, apparently they are popular with quilting so I invested in a set, I think 11 x 17 but I can make them 11 x 11 too. I am use to scroll rods but mine have velcro on them that you attach the material to. My fabric got ruined from it not laying flat enough for my liking and I frogged it out and then made a mistake where I was off by a row so i frogged it again. I can purchase more fabric from this lady but I found the 5 strands thick. Someone is trying a laying tool on there’s but I just want to enjoy doing it with no fuss. If i could get the stitches to lay flat and not be bulky.

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