Found a long lost project…

Well, I found a project, but it really wasn’t lost.  This morning, I was searching in my embroidery basket for some Jingle Bells.  I am going to be walking in a 5k race called the Jingle Bell Run/Walk in Portland in December with my neighbor.  And you guessed it, everyone wears bells!  The more the better.  I found some teeny tiny ones which hardly make a sound, so those won’t work, BUT then I came across this and forgot all about the bells:

Wow, I have not seen this in years and I mean many, many years, like 20?!?!  I really have no idea how long this has been in my possession.  I do recall making the first one of this set and giving it to someone as a gift, but can’t recall who.  Why, do you ask, did I not finish as I was so close?  I cannot answer that.

The kit was made by Bucilla Stitchery, #82263.  There is not a date on the paperwork, BUT it says “crafted with pride in the USA”, so you know its old!!  I just did a Google search for it and an Ebay post popped up and they are asking $26 for it and advertising it as an heirloom 🙂

Well now I have a grandson and this will be the perfect thing for him to wear for his very first Christmas!!  I guess that is why it sat in my basket for so long; just waiting for the right time!

I spent the day finishing up the stitching.  Now, I have not done this type of needlework in a very long time as well; satin and outline stitches, but I picked it up rather quickly.

And here is the finished bib:  Oh its so cute!One thing I do recommend though, that was not mentioned in the instructions is to put some sort of backing on it.  I just cut out a thin white cotton when I was cutting this piece out and binded together with the red tape.

Happy stitching!!

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2 Responses to Found a long lost project…

  1. What a gorgeous piece of hand embroidery! And how special that it will go to your grandson–he will look very handsome in this for his first Christmas! It was lovely to hear from you over at my blog today, and glad that you want to give potato growing a try! I wrote a post earlier this spring on how I grow my potatoes, so I’ll include it in my name link here. I live in the Pacific Northwest too, so my potato varieties and techniques should probably work for you as well. Good luck!

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