Christmas outfit

It has been many years since I made a special little Christmas outfit for someone.

Now that I have a Grandson to sew for, I thought it time to get going, so I made this for him:

complete with the little bunny

I love little boys in overalls and I can’t wait to see him in this outfit.  It was fun sewing! Well, except for the snap tape!  That’s always a challenge to get it lined up just right.

For the shirt, I added white cuffs and on the overalls, used the shirt fabric for the pockets.


Whats next?

Well I got the inspiration from Claudia at mockingbirdhillcottage.
She makes the most beautiful crocheted scarves.  I for one have never crocheted.  My Mom was always stitching afghans, doilies, runners, you name it, but I never learned.

So in my next post I will talk about it.  Until then, happy stitching!

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2 Responses to Christmas outfit

  1. Eeeek! How cute! It looks so vintage!

  2. What a darling outfit for your grandson–he will look very handsome in this over the holiday! It was lovely to hear from you over at my blog, and I’m glad you enjoyed the banana streusel muffin recipe I shared. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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