Spring in the Pacific Northwest

Love, love, love spring here!  Things I planted last summer came back and the bulbs I planted in the fall popped up!  Yay!

bleeding heart 4-3-13 blueberry bush 4-3-13 flowering pear tree 4-3-13 grape hyacinths1 4-3-13 hydrangea 4-3-13 katsura tree 4-3-13 lambs ears 4-3-13 lilac 4-3-13 pansies in pot 4-4-13 pink dogwood2 4-3-13 pink tulips 4-3-13 roses with dew1 4-3-13Happy Gardening as well as happy stitching 🙂


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One Response to Spring in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Barbara says:

    Great to see sunshine somewhere and some flowers showing up.

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