Update #24 cabin fever counted cross stitch

Whew that is a LOT of stitches!!

The “counted cross stitch” part of this project is DONE, DONE, DONE 🙂  Yay!

28 cross stitching part doneI was emailing with my new pen pal about this project, as she had not seen an update lately.  I had to actually look it up to see how long I have been at this project.  So far it’s 2.5 YEARS and counting!  I hope this is encouragement to her and anyone else attempting this beautiful rendering.

Soon, I hope to be posting, with the title, FINAL update….until then….

Happy stitching!


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4 Responses to Update #24 cabin fever counted cross stitch

  1. Barbara says:

    it is amazing!!!, I would like to pattern of this picture.

  2. Muna Basu says:

    It is beautiful !
    I just finished a Tuscan landscape which took me close to 2 years to finish. There were 50 different colored thread and 16 different mixed shades to tackle ! It was never-ending , but the finished project was worth it. Now, I’m having it framed.

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