Alphabet blocks

Here is a pic of my completed project:

This project came about because it is my Grandson’s 2nd birthday.  I was doing a Google search for alphabet puzzles and found them to be a choking hazard for his age.  Which lead to Etsy to see if I can find some wood alphabet letters.  No luck there.  Then I got the bright idea that I should sew some alphabet blocks.  Oh yes, I can do that, I said to myself!!

So off I went to the store for fabric, felt and foam.  I did not care for the lumpiness of using polyfil, as I wanted them more, well, square blocks!  I went with 3 colors for 13 of the blocks and 3 different colors for the alternating 13 blocks.
My fabric is cut into 3″ squares and the letters “A” and “B”, which I cut out of felt using THIS template, scaled down to 75%, as I am making 2″ blocks.
IMG_2790 IMG_2791IMG_2794

For block “A”, I followed THESE DIRECTIONS for sewing the blocks together. First sewing the 4 vertical blocks together, (using a 1/2″ seams), and stitching all the way across the fabric, from end to end.


Then the rest of the seams, sew as directed by sewing only to within a 1/2″ from end, but I was fighting with the ends that were sewed all the way and not getting crisp corners.

For block “B”, I tried THESE and it was so much easier to seam the whole “box” and my corners do look a lot better.




I only have 24 more letters to go!

Happy stitching!

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