Wool Shirt Update #2

So with the holidays thrown in there, my progress on the shirt has been slow.  But we are getting there!

Here is what I have completed so far.  (Sorry about some of the lighting in the pics.)

After sewing the cuff openings, I sewed the cuffs on to the sleeves and here I am slip stitching the lining of one of the cuffs in place:
7slip stitch sleeve 8slip stitch sleeve complete
Here is a photo of the edge stitching on the cuff….so much nicer!
9close up sleeve
The next step was to sew the  bands on the shirt front. Here I am slip stitching the band front facing in place:
10slip stitching front band
Oh, an action shot of the edge stitching in progress on that front band 🙂
11edge stitch front band
A close up shot of the completed pocket and shirt front.
12close up pocket and front band
Here I wanted to take a pic of the completed sleeve cuff, bottom hem and front band to show the edge stitching. I used a white thread rather than the heather gray and I think it accents nicely.
13edge stitch sleeve & hem
Full shirt before collar addition:
14full shirt before collar
The next 4 pics are the collar and I have to say that was a royal pain in the b…
I used my serger thank goodness and that helped with the fullness of all those layers, but I just had a hard time with the collar band laying flat/nicely with the front band of the shirt. Luckily when I slip stitched the collar band lining, I was able to get it to lay flat.
15collar 1 16collar 2 17collar 3 18collar 4
Good that part is DONE! Now onto the finishing touches….buttonholes. I love my babylock buttonholer. It is so easy to use.
20first button hole on shirt front band
Sleeve buttonholes are done and the first button hole on the front band done and guess what? I ran OUT of thread.
21shirt button hole
I will do another update as soon as I can get to the store to buy more thread.
Until then, Happy stitching to you!

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