New sewing idea

I was laundering all my Christmas towels, potholders, etc and tucked those away for another year.  I then had to replace my stack of potholders with my year-round ones, which I had already laundered and waiting in the cabinet.

I was looking at a couple of them and discovered they are really pretty worn and threadbare.  Well that won’t do when you’re trying to hold on to a hot plate or pan.  Then I got an idea.  I have tons of fabric scraps and also some binding scraps from when I made THESE: My Adult Mealtime Coverups.

I am so excited……here are all the new potholders I can make with my scraps:
IMG_3199My old ratty one is at the top of the photo along with the cotton batting I am going to place in between these cotton prints you see here.  I was also doing some research online and found THIS.  Its called Insul-Bright.  I had read some reviews about hearing a crinkle noise, but it does have metalized poly film insert so that makes sense.

My current potholders are just thick cotton batting, so do I really need that?  The site recommends putting a layer of cotton batting on both sides as well as its polyester.  It might make these too bulky.  Ah what to do.

But at any rate, anyone interested in some??? 🙂

I need to get to the store and see what I can find and I will do an update when I get one sewn up!

Happy stitching!


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