Christmas Morning Stocking update #3

Here is my progress so far on this cute stocking that I am making for my soon to be born granddaughter…photo 4
I was anxious to do some of the highlight stitching, especially her legs, as it looked like one solid elephant leg, haha.

You can be creative in your rendition of it as well by changing things up like I did here:photo 1 photo 3
I did not care for how pale the half cross stitches turned out, using the off-white color per the pattern.  It was just lost with the too-similar color of the Aida.

So, I went back over it, finishing the “cross stitch” with 1 strand of the off-white and 1 strand of a very pale yellow I had in my stash of all kinds of embroidery thread(and that’s not even all of it).  I’m ashamed to even show you what a mess of thread I have all bundled up in an embroidery basket.
Anyway, I like the effect much better.

Happy stitching to you as well as happy daylight savings time and Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂



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