Final Christmas Morning Stocking

image.jpegReady for Christmas now that I’ve finished my granddaughters stocking!
Of course this year she will still be too small(7+months old), to acknowledge this, but she will still get her little treats from Santa!!

A friend recommended I make a nightie to match. I’ll do just that and post my progress.
Until then, happy stitching!

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6 Responses to Final Christmas Morning Stocking

  1. PaperPuff says:

    This is so beautiful, I am rather star-struck!! I can see it took some time to achieve but boy, was it worth it! Your granddaughter will treasure it.

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  3. Terry Royer says:

    I just received this christmas stocking kit and was looking to see if anyone had made her hair longer. It looks like you did (unless there are 2 kits; one with short hair and one with longer hair) Was it hard to change the pattern?

  4. Terry Royer says:

    I now see from your other posts that you did change the hair. I like it with the longer hair.

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