Snowman & Friends Stocking update #6

imageMy stocking is basically done as far as cross stitching is concerned.  Now I need to start at the top and work down to fill in any missing spots!!  I know there are several!

After that, comes the highlighting stitches and sew it together!!

Until next time, happy stitching!!



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Snowman & Friends Stocking update #5

imageI have reached the tip of the toe!

It shouldn’t be too long now!!

Happy stitching!





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Snowman & Friends Stocking update #4

I am really liking the way this Christmas stocking is turning out for my grandsons first Christmas this year :-)

The detail is amazing, just by adding cross stitches and a few color changes!!
Here is my progress to date:
8-4-14 progressUntil next time….happy stitching!



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Snowman & Friends Stocking update #3

Not too bad of progress over the last 2 months, considering we were on a road trip across the country for 3 weeks. In addition to devoting time to gardening a lot more, now that the weather is nicer.
I actually brought the project along on the trip in hopes of getting some stitching done either in the car or at our destination, but while at our destination, we had a 3 month old puppy thrust upon us and I was not about to have her get all in my thread!!! So it stayed safely in the packaging until we arrived home so I can spread it all out again on our dining room table. What better place to do such a thing :-)


Here is the “before” photo:

Until next time….happy stitching!

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Snowman & Friends Stocking update #2

My stocking has a name!!

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Snowman Christmas Stocking update #1

Moving right along on my stocking:stocking update 1

Sorry for the wrinkles.  I just took it out of the hoop and snapped a quick pic, so I can get it right back in the hoop and keep stitching!!

Hard to look at this fellow, cute as he is, with the nasty winter we just had.

Happy stitching…Jan

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FINAL cabin fever counted cross stitch post

Here is it.  The day has come.  My Cabin Fever Counted Cross Stitch project is matted and framed and looks absolutely beautiful; like a painting….I love it :-)
final close up 1

final close up 2

FINALMichael’s did a wonderful job helping me select the matte coloring and sizing.  I chose the frame by myself :-)

I chose museum glass for this as well.  It gives it an amazing look.

Next post….update on my Christmas stocking and crocheted giraffe I named George!

Happy stitching.



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Alphabet blocks

Here is a pic of my completed project:

This project came about because it is my Grandson’s 2nd birthday.  I was doing a Google search for alphabet puzzles and found them to be a choking hazard for his age.  Which lead to Etsy to see if I can find some wood alphabet letters.  No luck there.  Then I got the bright idea that I should sew some alphabet blocks.  Oh yes, I can do that, I said to myself!!

So off I went to the store for fabric, felt and foam.  I did not care for the lumpiness of using polyfil, as I wanted them more, well, square blocks!  I went with 3 colors for 13 of the blocks and 3 different colors for the alternating 13 blocks.
My fabric is cut into 3″ squares and the letters “A” and “B”, which I cut out of felt using THIS template, scaled down to 75%, as I am making 2″ blocks.
IMG_2790 IMG_2791IMG_2794

For block “A”, I followed THESE DIRECTIONS for sewing the blocks together. First sewing the 4 vertical blocks together, (using a 1/2″ seams), and stitching all the way across the fabric, from end to end.


Then the rest of the seams, sew as directed by sewing only to within a 1/2″ from end, but I was fighting with the ends that were sewed all the way and not getting crisp corners.

For block “B”, I tried THESE and it was so much easier to seam the whole “box” and my corners do look a lot better.




I only have 24 more letters to go!

Happy stitching!

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New counted cross stitch project

I have 10 months until Christmas to get this done for my soon-to-be-born grandson:
stockingIt’s the Dimensions Gold Collection
called “Snowman & Friends Stocking”
The Aida cloth is white, 18 count and that means there are a whole lot of stitches that go into this project! There are very few white squares that are not filled in; on the ground and snowman portion only.

I can also say regarding my Cabin Fever Counted Cross Stitch project, that it is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except that is for framing. I will post a pic when that is done, but for now, here are the latest updates showing some embellishments:


It’s amazing how a few straight lines can really bring out the detail of the project….love, love, love it :-)


Until next time…..Happy Stitching!

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Adorable little crocheted giraffe

I came across THIS and I just had to make one for my soon to be born grandson.

Oh my goodness is this little giraffe CUTE!!!giraffe 1

giraffe 2

giraffe 4

I didn’t care for the way the standard SC2tog left the back of the head open, exposed, sloppy.  So I did a search on wonderful YouTube to find THIS GREAT TUTORIAL showing an invisible decrease, and it is a hidden secret to projects turning out so much better :-0

giraffe 3


Happy Stitching!


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